Sparkies to the rescue can cost more (or less) depending on when and where your emergency happens.

There’s no controlling when and where the emergencies are bound to strike. Even if you keep up with maintenance and repairs, there’s bound to be a problem at some point with the electrics that run your home or business. And when that happens, you’ll want to hire out a quick and reliable emergency service.

But how much is the emergency electrician cost going to set you back?

You might be surprised that it will vary widely between Sunshine Coast (and QLD) providers and be based not just on what went wrong but when and where it went awry, too.

Friendly reminder: You can’t do it alone

Every Sunny Coast homeowner and business owner should be clear on this matter, but just in case you aren’t, we’ll spell it out for you.

There is no electrical work or repair that you can legally do on your own here in Australia. That means that if something goes wrong with your electrics, you’ll need to call out to an electrical service. Of course, there are a few things you can check on yourself to rule out a problem (our favourite is making sure the devices are actually plugged in in the first place). But aside from this, and only when it is safe to do so, you’ll need to make a call to an electrical service to fix your problem.

What affects the emergency electrician cost?

So whatever expert you might want to have on standby, be sure that the number you save to your phone is for one that has after hours and weekend availability for when you’ll probably need it most. There’s no planning for an emergency, so someone with 24/7 assistance will be worthwhile to keep on call.

That said, there are a few common factors that affect the emergency electrician cost. Here are the main ones.


Number one is going to be when your problem occurs. Most of them charge a call out fee as well as an hourly rate. This can be nearly double if you need them to come to your home during off-peak hours. They may also have an hourly minimum even if your job is not as time consuming to complete as you’d expect.


You’ll also want to be sure you choose a service that is local to you. This could help cut down on call out costs and fees associated with the drive to your location.


You want to work with the experts, but watch for companies that charge more for access to master electricians on their staff. You might find yourself paying more for more qualified technicians.


Then it comes down to what the actual job is that is being worked on. Again, most of them charge by the hour, so even in an emergency situation, as long as it’s safe to do so, you might want to call around to get quotes for the issue at hand and how long they expect the project to take (as well as how much it will ultimately cost).

How much does an emergency electrician cost?

There’s no single answer to this given all of the different factors involved. But you can work based off of a few presumptions and the average emergency electrician costs.

On average, most service providers in Queensland are charging between $70-$90 per hour for electrical services. When it comes to an emergency, these rates can be almost double, nearly $130-$200 an hour.

Keep in mind that some might also charge a separate call out fee, or they might simply charge more per hour for the first hour they are on the job to compensate for their time and travel to the job site.

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What to look for in an emergency electrician

You already know you’re going to want to start with availability and cost. These are two factors that make any emergency service worth it (or not) to work with. As long as the conditions are safe, you can call around to a few tradies and compare the costs for a call out for your particular problem.

But how can you tell whether an electrical service is worth working with otherwise?

You’ll want to make sure you are working with someone who has a lot of experience in the field. This is especially important in emergency situations, where problem solving and some fast thinking might be required.

Always make sure you’re working with a licensed electrician. After all, that’s the point of hiring out a professional in the first place. But you’ll want to be sure that they have active licensing as well as insurance that will protect them – and you – during the emergency work.

Warranties and guarantees are also important. You’ll want a service that will stand by their work and provide policies that support that. This includes everything from materials to workmanship and clean up.

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Save 07 5475 4152 to your phone for DYFA Electrical emergency services

We understand that things can go awry with electrics at the most inopportune times. From minor inconveniences to true dangers to your home or business, the emergencies are not to be reckoned with by the average person. Calling out for help from a licensed professional will put you on the fast path back to a resolution and safety.

Just be careful as you do your due diligence with various service providers. Not everyone is transparent with their costs, and some may take an emergency as an opportunity to cash in on your misery.

At DYFA Electrical, we’re all about being clear about costs and are happy to share a free estimate with you up front. We treasure trust as part of our business model and ensure that there are no hidden fees or surprises along the way. You’ve had enough of that with the emergency at hand.

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