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Long-lasting Battery Storage

Your Sunshine Coast home relies heavily on energy and especially on battery storage. Whether it’s to boil the kettle for your morning coffee, prepare a quick lunch, or wind down by switching on the TV, there are numerous appliances throughout your home that require energy.

The good news is that with all the advances in tech, specifically solar power, it’s becoming easier to invest in cleaner sources of energy. Not only can it save you money, but you will also be able to enjoy added peace of mind knowing that you’re playing your role in fighting climate change.

At DYFA Electrical, we offer a wide range of electrical services including battery storage. Our team of experts can help you get the job completed right the first time. All our Sunshine Coast electricians are licensed, insured, and police cleared. So, you can rest assured knowing that you can look forward to a reliable service that will help you to become part of the solution.

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Is switching to solar smart?

When it comes to electricity usage, the cost and impact they have on their beautiful environment are two of the main concerns that worry homeowners in the Sunshine Coast. Switching to solar panels can help with both these issues making it one of the smartest choices and upgrades that you can make to your home.

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Solar panels and a home battery storage system can actually pay for themselves over time. So, not only will you be able to recuperate the upfront cost, but you will also increase the resale value of your home (it can add almost 20% in value compared to homes without solar panels and battery systems).

After all, the Sunshine Coast didn’t get its name for no reason. Instead of relying just on the grid, start using the natural resources found in your immediate surroundings. It will save you money, increase the value of your property and help build a brighter future for the next generation.

How do battery storage systems work?

This system is a device that allows you to store energy that was generated by means of solar panels. In more technical terms, the storage system will convert the DC energy that was generated by solar panels and store it as AC power. It will then be released when you need it most such as on a rainy day (quite literally) or when there’s high usage.

Though, don’t confuse it with the standard types of batteries that you buy over the counter to power your TV’s remote control or that noisy kid’s toy. It’s an advanced system that can be charged by means of electricity that’s generated from renewable energy sources. During the daytime, your battery system will get charged by means of the electricity that gets created by solar energy.

It will then use software to work out energy production so that it can determine when to release the energy to the grid or keep it for reserve. Its algorithms will also take into consideration your typical usage and the rate structure of your utility company to optimize when to release the stored energy for use.

Should you get a battery storage system?

The advantage of adding it to your solar panel system is that it allows you to store any extra energy that you have generated by means of your solar panels. Without it, the energy will simply get sent back to the grid.

With a battery system, any excess electricity will only be sent back to the grid when your battery has been charged completely. The only instance when you will draw electricity from the grid is when your battery is completely depleted.

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Why do you need a licensed electrician for the installation?

As mentioned, battery systems used for solar panels are much more advanced than the other types of batteries that you use in and around your home. It uses an advanced system and sophisticated algorithms to optimize how the stored energy gets used.

Your solar panels’ function is to generate electricity and will require the knowledge of an electrician. All the solar panels on your roof along with the battery system need to be configured using the correct wiring and linked to the right inverter(s). The whole system then also needs to get connected to your property’s main switchboard. So, there are many steps in the process that require relevant training and safety precautions.

Plus, as you’re looking to spend a few thousand dollars on this project, you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the installation process that could jeopardize your long-term investment or put your family’s safety at risk.

What’s more, not only do trained electricians know how to install it correctly, but they can also help you with rebates and tax credits. So, while you might have the added expense of hiring an electrical company, you can enjoy even more savings. After all, you need to pay some to save some.

Let DYFA Electrical’s experts optimize your solar system

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Deciding on a battery storage system is only half the battle. Now, you still need to find an experienced electrician who won’t overcharge you.

Solar panel and battery system installations are specialized projects. Not every electrician has the necessary skills and experience to complete this type of project. For this reason, it’s key that you only work with a reputable electrical company in the Sunshine Coast that focuses on this type of project.

Solar panel and battery installation is one of the main focus areas of DYFA Electrical. Our team of licensed and insured electricians has been helping homeowners across Sunshine Coast to embrace clean energy and make the smart switch to solar. Our electricians are trained to oversee and complete solar installations.

To find out what this type of system will cost you, call us on 07 5472 4152 or request a quote online. The only surprise that you will get is how well your new system will work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Storage In Sunshine Coast

Which types of solar batteries are available?2022-06-08T13:05:06+08:00

For residential battery storage systems in the Sunshine Coast, you typically get two types: lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries. A lithium ion battery is often viewed as the better choice for solar panels. Not only are they lighter and more compact, but their lifespan is also longer. However, as you would expect, lithium ion batteries are also more expensive than lead acid batteries.

How long do the batteries last?2022-06-08T13:05:41+08:00

The lifespan of a solar battery is generally between five and 15 years. Though, that will depend on how well you maintain it. For example, exposure to extreme temperatures can decrease its lifespan. On the other hand, your solar power system can last for more than 20 years. So, bear in mind that you will most likely have to replace the battery before your solar power system needs to be replaced.

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