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Guaranteed Electrical Maintenance

Electrical systems are something we take for granted on a daily basis. After all, we flip switches or press buttons, and our lights and appliances simply work. But that doesn’t mean that the electrics behind the scenes don’t need some attention now and again, which is when electrical maintenance comes into play.

In fact, electrical maintenance is a crucial part of upkeep for any home or business. It ensures that your systems and equipment are running smoothly. It also helps detect issues before they become major and lead to expensive repairs or lengthy outages.

At DYFA Electrical, we have an entire electrician company dedicated to making sure that electrics are running exactly how they are supposed to. Whether you’re looking for regularly scheduled maintenance or need an on-demand assessment, our licensed and insured Sunshine Coast electricians can get the job done for you. We also guarantee all of our work to be on time and on budget, so there are zero surprises for you along the way.

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What’s included in regular electrical maintenance?

Quite a lot, actually. It all depends on how complex your electrics are and how good their condition is.

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To start with, a Sunshine Coast electrician is going to check the health of any outlets or surge protectors that you have in use. Since these are used with regularity, they’ll be checking for signs of external wear as well as the internal stability of the parts and current.

Maintenance for larger facilities can also include changing out lights including bulbs and outdated fixtures. If you’re looking to upgrade or switch to more energy efficient options, you can also ask you electrician to help as part of your maintenance plan.

Overall, preventative maintenance is designed to inspect all of the different components of your electrical system for signs of degradation or wear. This includes your safety switches and circuit breakers, which are checked for proper wiring and proper connections. Wiring might also be checked to rule out any issues that could cause outages later on. Current is also confirmed to ensure that the right amount of power is being supplied throughout a building, ruling out the chance for brownouts or surges.

Who needs new power points?

It’s not a matter of who, but rather, what needs the maintenance. If you have a home or business in Queensland with electrical service (and these days, who doesn’t?), then you can benefit from calling out for regular electrical maintenance. The idea is to catch problems before they occur or before they become a major issue for you.

Much of electrical work is hidden behind the scenes, so determining that you have a problem is not something that can be caught with the naked eye for the most part. Having a licensed and insured electrician stop by to ensure that everything is running as expected can give you peace of mind that your electrical systems, lighting, and appliances will continue to operate as expected.

How much does maintenance cost?

Most electricians operate on either an hourly rate for services or a fixed cost for a project. When it comes to electricians in Sunshine Coast, the going hourly rate currently falls between $70-$90. This allows the electricians to account for all of the time they will be spending accessing the different aspects of your electrical system. Other electricians may be able to provide a fixed quote based on the size of your home or business. It’s important to always ask for an estimate before contracting anyone to do preventative work on your building so that prices don’t balloon out of control unexpectedly for you.

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Does electrical maintenance take a long time?

There’s no straight answer for how long a service like this can take. Consider that different buildings have different amounts of wiring, outlets, surge protectors, and complexity of breakers. You’ll want your electrician to be thorough throughout the process, but it makes sense to be wary considering they’ll likely be charging you by the hour.

To that end, you can expect typical maintenance checks to take about 1-2 hours for a residential property. Keep in mind, however, that if the electrician finds something that could use a repair, they’ll likely spend a bit more time providing a fix for it. Commercial facilities can take days to assess and should reach out to an electrician for a specialized quote for services.

How to choose the right electrician for your job

You’ll want to make sure to go with a electrician company that has experienced electricians who are savvy in a variety of services and functions, not just a single niche. Look for how many years the electrician company has been in business and feel free to ask the average amount of experience they have across their team.

You’ll also want to find out whether the company has experience with your specific type of building. Residential homes have quite different electrical needs and make ups than commercial and industrial buildings. Ask what services and functions are checked during a routine maintenance visit and whether they have a checklist of systems they can share with you.

As always, make sure that you only contract a team that has licensed and insured electricians on staff. It’s illegal to do your own electrical work in almost all of Australia, and it’s just as important to make sure that only licensed individuals from a reputable company do the work for you instead.

Finally, feel free to ask for testimonials or customer references. You can also check online to see what kind of reviews people have left regarding their experience with the company. What you want to find out here is whether other customers have been satisfied with how comprehensive and cost effective the maintenance package was for them so you can gauge how to decide for yourself.

Go with the pros at DYFA Electrical

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Preventative maintenance is a crucial part of home and business ownership and should not be put off to the wayside. Instead, turn to an expert crew that can make quick work of an assessment and address any issues – big or small – on the fly as part of their visit.

That team is DYFA Electrical. We’re staffed with 100% licensed, insured, and police cleared Sunshine Coast electricians so that you never have to worry about who is doing the work on your home or business. We also offer a 100% quality and clean up guarantee and will never leave a job until the customer is completely satisfied with the work that has been done.

All of our pricing is also transparent. We offer free quotes, fixed rates, and a 100% price beat guarantee. Between our cost-effective pricing and on-time, on-budget guarantee, we’ve become one of the top electrical companies in Sunshine Coast for homes and businesses alike.

For a fast and free quote, call us on 07 5472 4152 or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Point Installation on the Sunshine Coast

How do I know if an electrician is qualified?2022-06-08T11:08:33+08:00

All electricians in Queensland are required to hold a current and valid licence. You have the right to ask to see this licence at any time. You can also do a search online here.

How does an electrician provide a quote for maintenance?2022-06-08T11:09:08+08:00

In part, it comes down to how complex your electrical system is. The electrician will visit your property and get a sense of approximately how much wiring, outlets, and surge protectors need to be assessed. This can also be done based on building plans if available. They should be able to check off what will be needed as part of an assessment based on the type of property (home, business, industrial facility) and provide both advice and pricing.

Is anything not included in electrical maintenance?2022-06-08T11:09:26+08:00

If it’s electrical or electric powered, it should be considered and evaluated as part of a maintenance plan. This can include everything from small outlets in a kitchen to full-home generators. Electrics also affect a variety of lighting systems and digital communication equipment, all of which should be checked as part of routine maintenance. Your electrician should outline everything that will be included in your maintenance plan after they visit your property and fully assess exactly what your needs are.

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Kellee Branks
Kellee Branks
April 18, 2022.
Had the electricians around to upgrade all fans, downlights, switches and sockets. All looks way more modern and very happy with the service and outcome. Would recommend for sure.
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin
April 14, 2022.
Kevin and the team did a great job. Fast, neat, full of knowledge and great problem solving skills. Will always use Kev and his team. Thanks Kev.
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dylan fahey
April 14, 2022.
I have used DYFA Electrical multiple times and every time i have been greatly pleased with the service and quality of work. Great team of guys working there.
Greg Nixon
Greg Nixon
April 13, 2022.
What a fantastic bunch of guys at DYFA electrical. There knowledge from Kevin and his team was exceptional. Nothing was too hard and if there was an issue with something than there was always a solution which was cost effective, practical and aesthetically better. Would highly recommend DYFA electrical for people wanting to renovate, build new or solar installations.
Wayne Rae
Wayne Rae
April 13, 2022.
Gaz was on time and very quick and efficient with moving my phone line to another room and installing another power point. Would thoroughly recommend DYFA Electrical for all electrical works.
Darin Branks
Darin Branks
March 12, 2022.
Had Gaz come to our house and replace all fans and switches and sockets to modern version. Very fast and efficient so we were very happy!

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