Choosing the right tradie for your project has never been simpler with our guide to the difference between builders and carpenters.

Electrical work is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not for a novice homeowner either. When it comes to doing upgrades, installs, or repairs, you’ll have to choose a service to get the job done right (and legally, to boot).

That’s right. No matter how tempting it might be for you to tinker with that ceiling fan replacement you had in mind, you simply can’t, and shouldn’t, attempt it on your own.

But with so many people claiming prowess when it comes to this type of work here on the Sunshine Coast, how can you sort through the chaff and find the best electrician?

It all comes down to doing your research. And there’s quite a lot you can look for to point the way.

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What to look for when hiring an electrician

It all starts with licensing. You need to make sure that you check the qualifications of anyone who is going to do work on your home, especially when it comes to this type of work. They are required to follow a strict training regimen that ends with licensing.

In fact, here in Queensland, there are eight different types of electrical work licences available depending on the type of work to be performed by the individual. These include:

  • Electrical mechanic
  • Electrical linesperson
  • Electrical fitter
  • Electrical jointer
  • Restricted electrical work
  • Electrical work training permit
  • Unrestricted contractor
  • Restricted contractor

Ask to see proof of their licensure including the type so you can be sure any individual or company in question has the right credentials, including contractor licenses, to do the job accurately and safely.

From there, look into their level of experience. Just because someone is newly licensed doesn’t mean that they have all of the knowledge or expertise to do your job up to standard. Ask how long the person or company has been in business, and don’t be afraid to ask for references along the way. This can give you a good idea of how even some of the longest tenured services are to work with in the words of other locals like you.

You can also try to gauge an electrician’s level of quality by looking at whether they belong to any electrical associations. Memberships and additional accolades can be a positive indicator that they have a high standard and work ethic.

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Exactly what to ask an electrician when vetting options

How To Choose The Best Electrician On The Sunshine Coast 02 - How To Choose The Best Electrician On The Sunshine Coast

When you’re on a quest to find the best electrician on the Sunshine Coast, it can help to have a handy list of questions to guide your search. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide. What all of these questions have in common is that they’re designed to help you determine the experience and viability of a given professional while ensuring that your project will be completed accurately and safely.

  • “Can I see a copy of your licence to do wiring work?”
  • “What kind of insurance coverage do you have?”
  • “How many years have you been in business?”
  • “What references can I speak to from past jobs?”
  • “Do you have a specialization for your work?”
  • “Do you do the work or outsource it to other professionals?”
  • “What warranties or guarantees do you offer on your work?”
  • “Can you give me a quote in writing for the job as described?”
  • “How long will it take to complete a job of this type?”
  • “How long is the wait to get started with new work?”
  • “What safety precautions do you and your teams follow onsite?”
  • “Is there a minimum price quote for services including a callout fee?”
  • “Are you able to issue Certificates of Compliance?”
  • “What areas on the Sunshine Coast do you service?”
  • “What steps do you take to be environmentally conscious?”
  • “Do you perform safety checks and regular maintenance?”
  • “How do you charge for services and what are the terms?”

Is hiring an electrician worthwhile?

A better question is, do you need wiring work done?

If so, a service is an essential part of the requirements for the job. After all, it’s illegal (not to mention unsafe) for you to do most projects in your home or business unless you’re an electrician yourself. You can also jeopardise your homeowner’s insurance.

Fines for doing your own wiring work can actually be pretty extensive, ranging up to $600,000 in some cases with jail time included. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Of course, there are a few tasks that you are permitted to do, albeit none of them are exactly robust or complicated. That’s to make sure that you and your home have maximum safety when it comes to electrics and risk of electrocution. Here are just a few things you CAN do here on the Sunshine Coast if you’re determined to do them yourself.

  • Install battery operated smoke alarms
  • Replace LED downlights
  • Rewire old-style fuses
  • Install low voltage garden lighting
  • Prepare openings for appliances (without installing them)

What do all of these have in common? There’s no direct wiring work to be seen. That’s the best general rule you can use to determine whether you need a professional. If you need wiring work done – installed, repaired, replaced, maintained – then you need a service.

Don’t DIY: Do DYFA Electrical!

How To Choose The Best Electrician On The Sunshine Coast 03 - How To Choose The Best Electrician On The Sunshine Coast

Queensland (and Australia as a whole) is pretty serious when it comes to cracking down on DIY work. Safety inspectors are on the lookout for unlicensed work and won’t hesitate to issue penalties if they’re applicable. There’s even an active Don’t Do It Yourself, or DDIY, campaign headed up by the QLD Electrical Safety Commission. They’re that serious.

Instead, choose the best electricians on the Sunshine Coast for fully compliant, safe, and affordable work. The team at DYFA is on standby to help homeowners and business owners achieve their renovation and utility needs without sacrificing safety or breaking the bank. We offer a 100% quality and cleanup guarantee so you never have to worry about being unsatisfied with our work.

What’s more, all of our team members are licensed, insured, and police cleared. In fact, we’re well known throughout the Sunshine Coast for having an honest, reliable crew that is always on time and on task.

For a free quote on your needs, call us on 07 5475 4152 or place a request online today!