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Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging

The Sunshine Coast is embracing the shift towards electric vehicles and providing convenient charging options for its residents. As local government and private businesses are working together to install a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the region, the team at DYFA Electrical remain committed to ensuring you’re never without the support you need for your specific electrical needs.

Electric vehicle charging stations are equipped with fast-charging technology and are easily accessible to the public. With the increasing popularity of EVs, having access to reliable charging infrastructure is crucial. The charging stations are also conveniently located near shopping centres, hotels, and popular tourist destinations.

This effort to increase EV charging options not only benefits local drivers but also makes the Sunshine Coast a more sustainable and eco-friendly destination for visitors with electric vehicles.

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How do I know if I need electrical vehicle charging?

You may need an electric vehicle (EV) charging station if you own or plan to own an electric car.

The charging needs of an EV vary depending on the make and model, but most electric vehicles have a range of around 300 kilometres to 400 kilometres per charge. If you plan to drive your electric car for long distances, you may need to recharge it frequently, and having access to a charging station is essential. You can check the charging requirements of your specific vehicle in its owner’s manual, or by contacting the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can consider factors such as the average distance you drive each day, the availability of charging stations near your home and workplace, and the length of your typical road trip. With this information, you can determine if you need an EV charging station and plan accordingly.

How much does electrical vehicle charging cost on the Sunshine coast?

The cost of electric vehicle (EV) charging varies depending on several factors, such as the location, type of charging station and charging plan. There are typically two main types of charging stations: Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 charging, which uses a standard household outlet, is usually the cheapest option, with a cost of around $0.10 to $0.20 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Level 2 charging, which uses a dedicated 240-volt charging station, is typically faster and more convenient, but also more expensive, with a cost of around $0.10 to $0.30 per kWh.

Another factor that affects the cost of EV charging is your charging plan. Some charging station networks offer plans that include a monthly or annual fee, as well as a per-minute or per-kWh charge. Other charging networks allow you to pay for charging on a per-user basis.

It’s also important to consider any applicable taxes or fees which can add to the overall cost of charging your electric vehicle. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of EV charging, you should research the charging options and rates available in your area and compare them to your driving and charging habits.

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How long does electrical vehicle charging take?

The amount of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle (EV) depends on several factors, including the type of charging station, the battery capacity of the EV, and the charging plan.

Level 1 charging, which uses a standard household outlet, can take anywhere from 8 hours to 20 hours or more to fully charge an EV, depending on the battery size.

Level 2 charging, which uses a dedicated 240-volt charging station, is typically faster and can take anywhere from 4 hours to 12 hours to fully charge an EV, depending on the battery size.

Fast charging stations, which use a direct current (DC) power supply, are the quickest charging option and can charge an EV battery to 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. However, fast charging stations are less common and can be more expensive than other charging options.

It’s important to keep in mind that the charging of electric vehicles can also be affected by the temperature, the state of the battery, and the age of the vehicle, among other factors.

Additionally, charging times may be longer for larger battery packs or for older EVs with less efficient charging systems. To get a better idea of the charging time for your specific EV, you should consult the manufacturer or check the owner’s manual.

How can I identify professional electrical vehicle charging?

There are several ways to identify professional electric vehicle (EV) charging stations:


Many professional charging networks have recognizable branding, such as charging station logos or signage, that make it easy to identify their stations.

Equipment quality

Professional charging stations are usually well-maintained and equipped with high-quality charging equipment that is designed to operate safely and efficiently.

Availability of charging plans

Some professional charging networks offer monthly or annual charging plans, which can provide more convenient and cost-effective access to charging services compared to pay-per-use charging stations.

User experience

Professional charging stations often provide a user-friendly experience, with features such as mobile apps for monitoring and controlling charging, real-time availability information, and customer support.

Safety and security

Professional charging stations are designed with safety and security in mind, and may have features such as secure payment systems, surveillance cameras, and emergency shut-off switches.

When selecting a professional charging network, it’s important to research the options available in your area, compare the features and costs of each network, and read reviews from other electric vehicle owners.

Additionally, you can check with your vehicle manufacturer to see if they have a preferred charging network that you can use. By doing your research, you can find a professional charging network that meets your needs and provides a safe, reliable, and convenient charging experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Vehicle Charging on the Sunshine Coast

What are the benefits of Electrical vehicle charging?2023-03-29T04:55:17+08:00

There are several benefits of electric vehicle (EV) charging, including:

✔ Reduced fuel costs: One of the biggest benefits of driving an electric vehicle is the lower cost of electricity compared to gasoline. This can result in significant savings over time, especially for those who drive frequently.

✔ Improved air quality: EVs emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, contributing to improved air quality and a healthier environment.

✔ Convenient charging options: With the increasing availability of charging stations in Queensland, it’s becoming easier to charge an electric vehicle on the go. Many charging networks offer mobile apps and real-time information about charging station availability, making it easy to plan your trips and find charging options when you need them.

✔ Lower maintenance costs: Electric vehicles typically have fewer moving parts than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, which can result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

✔ Quiet and smooth driving experience: EVs are known for their quiet and smooth driving experience, which can provide a more relaxing and enjoyable driving experience compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

✔ Government incentives: In many countries, there are government incentives available for those who purchase an electric vehicle, such as tax credits, subsidies, and other financial incentives.

By adopting an electric vehicle and using an EV charging network, you can enjoy these and other benefits, while also contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for Queensland and Australia.

Is electric vehicle charging cheaper than petrol?2023-03-29T04:57:05+08:00

The cost of charging an electric vehicle can be significantly less expensive than buying petrol, depending on several factors such as electricity costs, driving habits, and the efficiency of the EV.

In general, electricity costs less than petrol on a per-kilometre basis, and EVs are typically more energy-efficient than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. As a result, the total cost of ownership for an EV is often lower than for a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle, even after accounting for the higher upfront cost of the EV.

Overall, while the cost of charging an EV can vary, it is typically cheaper than buying petrol in the long run, especially for those who drive frequently. To get a better idea of the cost of charging an EV, it’s a good idea to compare the cost of electricity in your area, consult with your vehicle manufacturer, and research charging network options and fees.

Are electric vehicle charging stations free in Australia?2023-03-29T04:57:55+08:00

The availability of free electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Australia varies depending on the location and the charging network. Some charging networks may offer free charging as part of a promotional or trial program, while others may require a fee to use their charging stations.

In general, public charging stations in Australia are not free, although the cost of charging can vary widely depending on the charging network and the charging speed. Some charging networks may offer different pricing plans, such as pay-per-use charging or monthly subscriptions, which can provide more convenient and cost-effective access to charging services.

Additionally, some employers and commercial property owners may offer free charging for their employees or customers as a perk or a way to attract EV drivers.

Overall, while the availability of free EV charging stations in Australia is limited, there are many charging options available, both public and private, that offer convenient and cost-effective access to charging services. To find the best charging options for your needs, it’s a good idea to research the charging networks and charging station locations available in your area, and compare the costs and features of each network.

How long do electric car batteries last?2023-03-29T05:00:22+08:00

The lifespan of an electric vehicle (EV) battery can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the make and model of the vehicle, driving habits, and the frequency and conditions of use.

In general, most EV batteries are designed to last for at least 8 to 10 years or more, with a total lifespan of around 100,000 to 200,000 miles. This can provide many years of reliable and efficient operation, with minimal maintenance required.

However, the lifespan of an EV battery can be impacted by several factors, such as the frequency and conditions of use, the temperature of the battery, and the charging habits of the driver. For example, charging the battery too frequently or to full capacity can reduce the lifespan of the battery, while driving in extreme temperatures can also impact battery performance and longevity.

To maximise the lifespan of an EV battery, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for battery care and maintenance and to use an efficient and reliable charging network. Additionally, choosing an EV with a high-quality battery and a long warranty can also provide peace of mind and help ensure long-term performance and reliability.

Do electric vehicles need servicing?2023-03-29T05:02:14+08:00

Yes, electric vehicles (EVs) do need servicing, just like any other type of vehicle. 

Regular maintenance and servicing are important for ensuring the safety, performance, and efficiency of an EV, and for keeping it running smoothly over the long term.

Some common types of maintenance and servicing for EVs include

  • Tire rotation and balance: To ensure even wear and proper handling.
  • Brake maintenance: To keep the brakes functioning properly and to ensure safety.
  • Battery maintenance: To monitor the battery’s performance and ensure its longevity.
  • Software updates: To keep the vehicle’s software and systems up to date and to resolve any bugs or performance issues.
  • Cooling system maintenance: To keep the vehicle’s cooling system functioning properly, especially in hot climates.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance and servicing and to have the vehicle inspected and serviced by a qualified technician as needed. Regular maintenance and servicing can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, ensure long-term performance and reliability, and help maintain the value of the vehicle.

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