Cutting corners and costs can be tempting when it comes to completing electrical work but is never the responsible or safest option.

Very little in our homes and businesses these days can run without electricity or a reliance on something that is tied into the network. Even the lights we use to illuminate our day-to-day tasks are connected to the electrical supply in our homes, making basic visibility reliant on this utility.

So when the electrics go down or something is out of whack, there’s clearly a need to get the problem fixed quickly. But however tempted you might be to try to tackle the problem, there are clear benefits to hiring an electrician vs DIY.

To help keep things safe, we’re taking a look at all of the instances when you should call out for a Sunshine Coast service – emergency or otherwise – and when it might be okay to go the DIY route instead.

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Why you should always choose an electrician

Electrical work can seem simple, but the consequences of doing it poorly or incorrectly can be far reaching. Fires, damage, and danger to others are just a few of the general issues that can arise from a novice attempting to do a DIY job.

That’s why it’s illegal in Australia for you to do it yourself. Period.

The best way to think about something is that if it requires tools, skills, and training to complete, you shouldn’t be attempting a DIY. Not only is it likely dangerous to yourself and others, but it will not pass an inspection if not done by a licensed professional.

The fines are hefty for doing your own work if you’re caught, too. Here in Queensland, you could be fined up to $40,000. Injure someone seriously as a result of your (not-so) handy work, and the fines soar as well as the likelihood for potential imprisonment. Hiring out an electrician properly in the first place, while it will incur its own costs, will be much less than any fine you’ll have to pay.

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It’s simply not worthwhile to attempt your own electrical work.

This includes:

So what can I do with electricity in my home or business?

If you’re insistent on going DIY, there are a few sparing tasks you can complete yourself. It’s important not to go beyond the basics and to understand what you can, and can’t, do legally.

Feel free to plug in and hang low voltage garden lighting as long as you have the appropriate power points in place to service the lines.

You can also change out blown light bulbs or replace LED downlights. But if there are other repairs to be made to the fixtures, you’ll have to call out to the professionals.

You can also prepare for your new appliances if you’re doing a build out or renovation. This includes making sure that your oven or air con unit will fit in the space you have set aside from it. What it doesn’t include is connecting it to the power source. That should be left to a licensed electrician.

Fire safety remains important in Australian homes, and if your battery-operated smoke detectors are on the fritz, you can replace them or their batteries. If you have hard wired fire alarms, you’ll need to wait for a service to diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

As you can tell from this summary, there are not very many tasks that you can DIY that relate to electrical work in the home. The risks for damage and danger are just too high.

When in doubt, call out

The best way to address the question of hiring an electrician vs DIY is to call out for a consultation if you’re even slightly in doubt of whether you should do the job.

A qualified Sunshine Coast professional can let you know over the phone whether the task is something you can handle or whether they should come out for the job. They should also be able to provide you with a quote for services so you are prepared in advance regarding whatever costs are involved with the work.

How to choose an electrician for your project needs

Whether you’re looking at a new installation, a repair, or an emergency situation, you’ll want to choose a qualified and experienced electrician. Look for one that has years of experience and can vouch for that experience with licensure, proof of insurance, and other credentials as needed.

You should also take the time to ask questions about their experience in your area and with your particular needs. Just because you’re required to choose a service does not mean you have to go with the first vendor you find. Research their social proofs and online reviews to get a sense of what they are like to work with and what other customer experiences have been. This can often tell you quite a bit about a company.

Even if you don’t have an emergency today, it can help to choose a company that has emergency hours available if something else comes up along the way. Be sure to ask about call out and travel fees and whether those change during off-hours for emergencies so that there are no surprises when the need arises.

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Go with DYFA in place of DIY any day

There’s simply no cost savings or convenience worth the risk of improperly done work. Instead of opening yourself and your home or business up to the possibility of hazard, be sure to call out for a licensed and experienced company that can take care of your needs efficiently and effectively.

At DYFA Electrical, we understand the importance of keeping electrics and service running smoothly in a home or business. To make the call out process even easier for our customers, we offer free quotes and a 100% price beat guarantee. This can help you save time, money, and hassle along the way. Plus, we offer a 100% quality and clean up guarantee so you can rest assured your work will be completed to standard, to agreement, and to task until you are happy with the work.

To get started with your next electrical project or repair, just give us a call on 07 5475 4152 today.